about aCURE
Use firefox with this site. You will get much better results.contact: dashvonriprock@yahoo.com
I run this site on $8/month and it manages over 100 million records.
This is an AI Librarian. It learns ontologies. It solves the synonym problem.
The ML is done in real time from raw data and does not use GPUs.
The searches are accumulated in the browser.
The learning curve for the search is basicly nill. The search system also eliminates any problem with dyslexia while solving the "Needle in the Needle Stack" problem. I demonstrate a 2D search and a search which covers two sites at the same time. It appears to the user to be a single search. The 2D search is the jobs search. The user selects the usual weighted terms. Then they can list and weight areas within a city. This will help them finds jobs in selected areas. I try to offer the balance between job quality and commute. The search with two inputs in underneeth the pre-prints tab. If I can do 2 I can do N.
A large portion of the computing with this system is done outside of the aCURE site. The actual search is managed by others. Almost all of the rest is done in the users browser. The capaicty of the browser is grossly under used. This system is just scratching the surface of the capacity we have of leverging this tool.
Tutorials on extending the use of the browser.

Tips for Beating Paywalls

In some cases paywalls are probably immoral. As Americans we spend tens of millions of dollars on research and have to pay to read the research paper for a year. At which point the value of the research is about zero.
President Biden has said that he will change this but the time line is after he wins re-election. Thanks for nothing Joe. As of 9/2/23 there is proposed legislation to keep the paywalls in place.
So, I have decided to publish what I know about how to bypass the paywalls.
1. Library Genesis is a Russian site. It has a lot of pay-walled literature. I don’t know how much is in there and it is of course growing.
2. Preprints are papers that are uploaded prior to the process of scholarly review. In my very quick research I have found that the difference between the preprints and the reviewed papers is superficial. There are three preprint sites that I know of arXiv.org, bioXiv.org and medXiv.org. arXiv is hard science and math. I hope you can guess what the others cover. You can also search them under preprints on this side.
3. You can request a copy from the author. I have not tried this myself. I don’t think the authors are fans of paywalls.
This is the sum total of my knowledge. If you have other info on this please drop me a line at dashvonriprock@yahoo.com